Military parade on Kokang Day Location map of Kokang Military parade on Kokang Day One detail high on the agenda on Thursday, 12 March, marking the 西服20th anniversary of the overthrow of Communist leadership by Kokang forces in northern S 買房子han State, is a colorful military parade, according to ceasefire sources. By SHAN10 March 2009 “This, 結婚西裝Kokang leaders hope, will dispel general conception that the MNDAA (Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army, the offici 永慶房屋al name for the Kokang armed force) exists only on paper,” said a highly-placed source who arrived in Kokang’s Laogai yesterday. “A 結婚ccording to our own information, it must be at least 4-5,000 strong.” 12 March, by request from several quarters, has been renamed MNDAA Day to mark 票貼 its founding, according to another source. The festivities will last three days, 11-13 March, and not 10-12 March as reported earlier, he said. Most of the MNDAA’s al 開幕活動lies, especially members of the Wa-led Peace and Democracy Front (PDF), have already arrived, according to another source. He declined to say whether or not there will be a joint meet 房屋貸款ing to discuss current political situation in Burma. Kokang, located on the Sino-Burma border, was one of the three major producers of opium until it declared opium free in 2003. (Other major produce 帛琉s are Wa and Loimaw.) Failures in the implementation of crop substitution program have forced thousands of families to move out, according to Amsterdam-based Transnational Institute’s Drugs and Democracy Programme. 房屋二胎  .
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